Overton Park prepares to break ground for playground renovations

Overton Park prepares to break ground for playground renovations
(WMC-TV) - Every thing's coming up rainbows in Overton Park these days as the Overton Park Conservancy prepares to break ground on one of it's oldest playgrounds.

The current play area is more than 20-years-old.

The benches has moss on it, and the wood has seen better days.

Overton Park Conservancy released an artistic rendering of the New Rainbow Lake Playground, which organizers hope to have in place by this spring.

It includes plenty of places for kids to crawl, climb and just be creative.

"I like the spider webs because you can climb them., and then go really high and see, like the whole park," said one kid in a video by Overton Park Conservancy. 

But, things haven't always been so sunny in Overton Park.

Last week, a runner was attacked on a park trail in broad daylight.

But, Overton Park Conservancy Executive Director Tina Sullivan said the park is safer than other areas of the city and reminds people, to always remember, to be cautious.

"Travel in pairs, travel in groups, don't leave valuables in your car, always maintain an awareness of your surroundings. You can't predict how someone's going to behave just by looking at them so don't take anything for granted," said Sullivan.

And, for added safety, surveillance cameras have been installed at the park for added security.

And earlier this year, Overton Bark, a dog park opened just across the parking lot from the Rainbow Lake Playground.

Some of the new elements in the park include:

  • Two new climbing structures, one made of netting and one of multi-level wooden ramps
  • A merry-go-round
  • A tree-shaped tunnel for exploration
  • A musical sculpture created by the National Ornamental Metal Museum
You can donate to the park here.

See Kym Clark's contribution to a video sent out to donors for a new Rainbow Lake Playground at Overton Park here.
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