Bus fight broke out because of bullying according to mother

Bus fight broke out because of bullying according to mother
(WMC-TV) - Monica Jordan said her daughter was bullied and after the situation escalated to a police incident, her daughter was the only one charged.

"This has been escalating just constantly growing," said Jordan.

Jordan said a female student has been bullying her daughter since she began attending Center Hill High in August.

She said the name calling turned physical last Friday.

"She was tripped getting off the bus," said Jordan.

 Tuesday, the face-off turned into a police incident when Jordan says the student approached her daughter again on the bus.

"'I don't know why you're holding your books.  We're going to fight.'  She's standing over my child," said Jordan.

Jordan admits her daughter made first contact.

"I don't condone fighting," said Jordan.

But she said her daughter was the only one suspended.

"My child has a simple assault charge.  This child is at school today," said Jordan.
Jordan said she asked for all the evidence.

"Where's the videotape?" she said.

DeSoto County Schools said the bus' video recorder was not working.

The school responded that, in part , "According to school board policy, a principal can suspend a student for fighting for three days until a disciplinary hearing can be held."

Meanwhile, Jordan contacted the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

"We're going to fully investigate," said Rev. Dwight Montgomery with the Souther Christian Leadership Conference.

Revered Dwight Montgomery said the school should have stepped in before the situation escalated.

The school said they were not alerted of any bullying.

"I would never encourage a child to fight, but by the same token, there's an issue of being provoked and bullying is totally unacceptable. That's of national concern," said Montgomery.

I made several attempts to reach the other student's parents, but the phone just rang.

Police said they could not release the incident report because the two are minors.

DeSoto County Schools said they have zero tolerance for fighting, which can result in a student being sent to the DeSoto County Alternative Center or expulsion.

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