Couple accused of cooking meth around 1-year-old

Couple accused of cooking meth around 1-year-old
John Jones (left) and Casey Butler (right)
John Jones (left) and Casey Butler (right)

(WMC-TV) - A Mid-South couple is behind bars accused of cooking meth in their home with a 1-year-old child in the house.

The parents of the baby are in a heap of trouble after police officers teamed up with sanitation workers to bust a meth lab.

The news of a meth lab does not surprise Kathy Warren, who lives in the neighborhood.

"Last Friday night there was an explosion down there and all the neighbors came running out," she said. "And they said it was a barbecue pit, a barbecue grill that exploded."

Warren said the couple jumped in their cars and took off. They were gone for three days before any neighbors noticed they came back.

Organized Crime Unit (OCU) detectives raided the house. They said they found meth and an active gaseous lab baking in a bottle.

They investigators say they got a Crime Stoppers tip about the house. That is when they enlisted the help of the garbage men.

After collecting the trash Tuesday morning, the sanitation workers immediately rounded the corner to meet with police. Officers sifted through the trash and found meth-making products. That is how they secured a search warrant.

Now, John Jones and Casey Butler are charged with aggravated child abuse.

Bond has not yet been set on the couple, who are due in court Thursday.

Action News 5 is told the 1-year-old baby is in the custody of the state.

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