Mother's layaway items sold to someone else at Toys 'R' Us

Mother's layaway items sold to someone else at Toys 'R' Us
(WMC-TV) - A Memphis mom said she went to pick up all the toys she had on layaway at Toys 'R' Us only to find out they had been sold to someone else.

Shipments trucks are coming at Toys 'R' Us everyday to guarantee customers get exactly what they want, but Sherry Strauser said even though she paid in advance - she walked away with only half of her layaway. 

As part of the Christmas season most every parent is on a mission: Operation make your child smile.

"It's not about me, it's about my kids, it's about what my kids want," said Strauser. 

Strauser thought her mission was complete after she shopped early, put her items on layaway and made every payment on time. 

But it was when she went to pick up her items at this Toys 'R' Us off Winchester that she ran into a problem.

"He said,'ma'am this is the only one you have' and I said 'no I had two' and he said 'well this is the only one you've got here and it's all you're getting,'" said Strauser.

Strauser said her toys were there but not her electronics.

Frustrated with what she calls a lack of customer service, Strauser contacted Action News 5's chief consumer investigator Andy Wise.

While Strauser said she's still waiting for a refund, Andy was able to get answers for at least one other customer.

"Within 24 hours the district manager of Toys 'R' Us contacted this woman and assured her that not only would she be reimbursed but she would also receive these items at no cost," said Wise.

Turns out Strauser wasn't the only customer from this particular Toy 'R' Us to complain about a layaway missing in action.

Wise said if you are going to do a layaway, it's you're responsibility to make a deposit and make your payments on time but the store must also play by their own rules.

"If you do make that deposit and you're making those payments on time, that is your product and if the store sells it or restock a it, they might as well be selling stolen merchandise," he said. 

Action News 5 contacted Toys 'R' Us for a statement but have not yet heard back. 

Strauser said she has been offered a store credit and refund but she says that's simply not enough.

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