Only on 5: MLGW scam victim; Meet the Mid-South 12-12-12 newborn

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Only on 5, we talk to the 84 year old victim of an MLGW Scam. We investigate how her compromised bank account footed the bill for someone else's utility bill.

Strong words from Memphis Mayor A C Wharton tonight for the Memphis Police Department, now that a cop under investigation for killing a teenager, is back on the force.

A string of robberies at Mid-South title loan companies, but are they connected?

A 12-12-12 baby in Memphis! Meet the little one born on this lucky day.

Law enforcement agencies are asking Congress for better access to your PRIVATE text messages! They say it can help with investigations. But, as Action News Five's Anna Marie Hartman reports, others say it's nothing more than an invasion of privacy!

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