Mother who killed children on the run

Mother who killed children on the run
Melodia Dunn
Melodia Dunn

(WMC-TV) – Memphis Police are searching for a Mid-South mom who violated her probation and is on the run.

Back in 2009 folks were outraged about Melodia Dunn's story and called her an unfit mother.

She was charged with the death of her two boys and given a second chance, but neighbors said she's pregnant again.

Police said she's a wanted woman.

3-year-old Ladereon and 2-year-old Cetereon Dunn died in a fire at a South Memphis home after investigators said their mother, 25-year-old Melodia Dunn left them home alone.

"I remember the incident and it was such an awful tragedy," said neighborhood daycare worker Linda Tate.

Dunn was charged with reckless homicide and attempted aggravated child abuse, but never served jail time after entering an Alford Plea in 2011 where she received 14 years of probation.

As part of that probation Dunn was required to go to therapy sessions and take medication for a mental illness.
The Shelby County District Attorney's office confirms Dunn stopped doing both.

And on the Dec.10, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Action News 5 went back to Dunn's last known address on Effie Street where the current resident said Dunn hasn't lived there since the fire.

"She probably don't have the means to deal with it, I don't think she running though," said neighbor Maurice Ingram. 

Ingram said he saw Dunn recently and said she is about to deliver her fourth child and most likely can't afford her probation fees.

"I don't think she ought to go back to jail though," said Ingram.

Tate disagrees.

"She needs to be penalized for that, yes ma'am," said Tate.

"I believe everybody ought to have a second chance," she continued.

Dunn's lawyer William Massey is working with the judge in this case to keep Dunn out of jail for a second time. 

If she is determined to be in violation of her probation she could face 14 years in prison. 

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