1.7 percent of Miss. voters do not have proper ID

1.7 percent of Miss. voters do not have proper ID

(WMC-TV) – A recent survey revealed more than 98 percent of Mississippi voters have acceptable voter identification. New plans are now in place to make sure the remaining 2 percent get set up with valid IDs.

"These numbers strengthen the fact that we know we have a very small percentage to go to," said Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman.

"I am real pleased that we have taken the time to do this and I think, do it right," said Hoseman.

Delbert Hoseman's office conducted a survey of about 6,000 voters from all backgrounds.

It found more than 98 percent had an acceptable form of photo Identification. About 1.7 percent do not. He says about 1 percent equals 12,000 voters. The 1.7 percent would be roughly 20,000 voters.

"The difference between African-Americans and whites that have licenses in Mississippi is 99 percent of white people and 97 percent of African-Americans," said Hoseman.

Hoseman says a person can get a free photo voter ID at any clerk's office in the state by presenting the same information to register to vote.

And if you cannot make it to the clerk's office, mass transit will get you a free ride.

"Almost no one from the state is more than 20 miles from the clerk's office so we're covering everybody by this public transportation effort," Hoseman explained.

It is an effort to try to get all voters in Mississippi the proper photo ID in time for the next election.

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