Hernando residents optimistic about city growth

Hernando residents optimistic about city growth

(WMC-TV) – Hernando, Mississippi is ready to grow after seeing a big spike in new home sales this year.

With more people moving into Hernando, the mayor says businesses are likely soon to follow which could mean new jobs for people in the growing town.

"You see a lot of rooftops come in, then you see a lot of retail come in," said Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson.

This year, new home starts in Hernando jumped nearly 70 percent according to numbers just released by the mayor.

Cheryl Cuneo moved to the area 15 years ago and is amazed at how much the town has grown. And she is ready for more.

"Next thing you know everything is growing and every piece of land has something on it so now we've got everything," said Cuneo.

Johnson says the signs of growth are everywhere. New subdivisions are going up in just about every direction from town.

"An increase like that in new home starts should be a signal for all of Hernando," said Mayor Johnson. "As more people move in, that will generate, I think, more jobs, because more people will see that this is a good place to invest."

While Cuneo admits some older residents may not like all the change, she cannot wait to see what is next.

"Even though it's gotten much larger it's still homey and you can walk into Kroger and people recognize you," said Cuneo.

The mayor also reported a 4 percent increase in sales tax revenue.

Hernando residents are hoping that trend continues.

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