La. Meteorologist fired for violating 'social media' policy

LA Meteorologist fired for violating social media policy
(WMC-TV) - Meteorologist Rhonda Lee, has captured national attention after she was fired from KTBS 3 News in Shreveport, Louisiana. 

Perhaps you remember Lee from her former position as a spokesperson with the Memphis Police Department. 

Lee was terminated in Louisiana after responding to racially charged remarks from a viewer on Facebook about her short natural hairstyle.

KTBS released a statement saying Lee "was not dismissed for her appearance or defending her appearance," but rather for the repeated violation of the company policy.

"It would probably behoove every business, everywhere to get a concrete policy," said Lee. 

Lee refuses to accept the company's grounds of her termination and said she never saw a social media policy in writing.

"I would never take responsibility for that being a violation of any kind," she said. 

The national coverage has opened the conversation about what is and what is not acceptable for employees on social media.

"There is social media etiquette out there that we preach all the time," said CEO of Howell-Marketing Amy Howell.

"Employees need to take a proactive approach. If they are using social media they need to know what those policies are and then go from there," she continued.

Lee says there is a bigger lesson to be learned by all.

"I'm really hoping that everyone everywhere takes advantage of this moment, this reminder of one knowing to do the right thing and I would say also for businesses helping facilitate that as well," she said. 

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