Two schools added to Fayette County closure list

Two schools added to Fayette County closure list
(WMC-TV) - On the educational front two additional schools have been added to the closure list in Fayette County. 

These closures are part of a federal mandate. 

Because of the 40 year desegregation order, Northwest Elementary is one of the schools that's recently been put on the school closure list.  

Parents said that is unreasonable

Northwest Elementary is a blue ribbon school and now its doors may close in August 2013.

"I don't have time to fool around, time for people to make mistakes, time to see if their new system is going to work," said parent Susan St. John. 

Fayette county parents said enough is enough when it comes to consolidating schools.

"They've had many years to work on this. I have one chance. My kids are in kindergarten through 12th grade," said John. 

Somerville and Jefferson Elementary have been on the closure list for several years.

Now, Northwest and Central Elementary have been added as part of a board approved plan. 

"At what point does it end? We've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on legal fees that could be put back into the school system," said parent Chris Goodman. 

A new elementary school is set to be built in Somerville.

Students from these four schools would either go there or to the already crowded Oakland Elementary.

"They're saying the capacity of that school is 700.  We've got 630 there now and they're sitting in crowded rooms, small rooms," said Goodwin. 

Chris Goodman said if these schools close, children will likely double the time they spend on buses.

"One of the proposals out of central office is because of the distance from Northwest to Somerville is to put an educator on the bus," said Goodman.

School board members said they knew nothing about that claim.

Fayette County school board officials said it's now in the hands of a federal judge as to which schools will stay open and which schools will close their doors. 

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