Friends, family relieved after officer released from The MED

Friends, family relieved after officer released from The MED
(WMC-TV) - A member of the Memphis Police Department since 2007, Officer Vrooman started with the Horn Lake Mississippi Police Department.

There are a lot people south of the state line relieved to hear he has been treated and released from The MED after being shot in the line of duty. 

As news of Friday morning's shooting with two officers down and one killed, members of the Horn Lake Mississippi police department were on pins and needles.

"I believe everybody is ok now that they know he's OK, it was a little tension earlier this morning, but we've had a couple of folks that went down to the MED and checked and relayed word back," said Horn Lake Police Chief Darryl Whaley.

Vrooman was released from the MED Friday afternoon . 

A former co-worker said he has a wife and three children. 

Vrooman's neighbors said they're glad he's OK and are proud of what he's doing for the Mid-South.

"I'd thank him for his service to the community it's something I always pray for is their safety," said neighbor Rex Ragland.

Whaley said Vrooman started with his department in 2004 as a patrolman. 

He was sent through the academy before leaving for Memphis in 2007. 

He's been a part of the Memphis Organized Crime unit for about a year.

Even though he no longer wears a Horn Lake badge, they consider him family.

"He was a good officer when he was here, left in good standing, still has a lot of friends in the department, and so it's a little rougher," said Whaley. 

Horn Lake officers will be in touch with Vrooman and his family to see how they can help on his road to recovery.

But again the good news, Memphis Police Officer William Vrooman is out of the hospital tonight after being shot in the line of duty this morning.