Rugby Program Getting Underway In Memphis

Rugby isn't usually a sport associated with schools in Memphis...but Devin O'Brien and Shane Young are hoping to change that.

"We wanted to impact kids in the schools, but wanted to find a way out of the schools. We're both passionate about rugby, and feel that this can be a transformative force in these kids lives." says O'Brien.

Both O'Brien and Young played the sport in college and are now teachers within the city of Memphis.

Rugby is popular in the suburbs, but doesn't get as much exposure as basketball or football within' the city.

Young says, "we were so surprise starting the program that some of these kids had never played any kind of organized sport whatsoever, so teaching them basic things like tackling and passing was an adventure."

"I think when I went on the announcements and said there was gonna be a rugby team, that's the first time some kids had heard the word. But since then, they've learned to love the game, learned how it works and appreciate something new, " says O'Brien

The best part...anyone can experience necessary.

The non-profit program is still in the start up phase, and relies on donations and fundraisers to keep afloat.

The kid say they've not only learned a new sport, they've learned the responsibility that comes along with being involved in an organized sport.

A sport that *could* pave their way to higher education.

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