Community unites for vigil remembering Officer Martoiya Lang

Community unites for vigil remembering Officer Martoiya Lang

(WMC-TV) - Friends, family and those who live near the scene came together Saturday night to show their respect for Memphis' first female officer to be killed in the line of duty.

Those who attended Saturday's vigil for Officer Martoiya Lang said it's times such as this that the city unites as one Memphis.

Others said they are disappointed that it takes the tragedy of a fallen officer to bring a community together.

Through prayer, and in song - people across the city of Memphis united remembering the life of Lang.

Lang was a mother of four young girls and served in several capacities on the Memphis police force since 2003.

"I think about how she would feel, and my other children if they didn't have me at this time," said community member Patricia Gatlin.

Those attended a candle light vigil in Lang's honor urged citizens of Memphis to stop the violence.

Gatlin lives in the Avon Meadows community and said she came back to the home where Lang died to show her support.

"The other day when I was down here it was different, but I guess when your children are here it makes a bigger impact," she said.

As the crowd tapered off, Lang's family began to arrive, including her daughters. For their privacy, we did not film as they got out of their cars to say their goodbyes.

"I grew up in this community, I've been here my whole life," said resident Chip Taylor.

Taylor, a member of a neighboring church, said he regrets not having done more to minister to the young man charged in Lang's death.

Taylor hopes from this tragedy, the men and women who serve and protect will be reminded that their work in not in vain.

"We want to do more and be more diligent, to let the Memphis Police department know that we're here to support them, not just as a church but as a people," said Taylor.

Saturday's vigil was organized by a Memphis deejay who also happens to be the son of a retired Memphis police officer who lives directly across the street from where officer Lang was killed.

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