Local church raises funds for Officer Martoiya Lang's four daughters

Local church raises funds for Officer Martoiya Lang's four daughters

(WMC-TV) - Since tragic shootings in Newtown, CT and here in Memphis, prayers at many churches were for strength.

At First Baptist Church Broad - Pastor Keith Norman is leading a community wide effort to raise funds for Officer Martoiya Lang's four daughters.

During Sunday morning services at First Baptist Church Broad members came together to pray for shooting

victims in Newtown, Connecticut and for Officer Martoiya Lang.

"And then I thank you God that you are a God that is everywhere at the same time, that you don't have to leave Conn. to wipe tears in Memphis, Tenn.,"

Lang died from gunshot wounds after being shot delivering a drug warrant Friday.

Pastor norman began organizing a fund drive to help Lang's four young daughters immediately.

"Long term there will be needs for these four young daughters that we will need to assist them with. First of all finishing school and doing very well in their upbringing," he said.

Pastor Norman said that he has prayed with Lang's daughter and they are doing as well as can be expected.

"As best as possible. How do you do when all of a sudden your life line or your mother is gone suddenly at these young and tender ages?" said Norman.

The church also prayed for officer William Vrooman who suffered a minor wound to the leg by the same gunman charged with killing Lang.

Pastor Norman said its important that the community pray for all police officers, firefighters and everyone else who works in public safety.

"This is a time when we must really focus on the things that are important, and that is to not lose hope and not give up because most certainly through all of this we are going to make it," he said.

As soon as he's cleared for duty, Vrooman plans to head back to the streets to protect and serve.

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