warm today and cloudy, new info on CT and officer shooting, economists predictions in 2013, probes crashing into Moon

Good morning and welcome back to Monday....it's warm and wet clouds most of the day but expect more sunshine late today...highs in the lower 60s...we'll tell you when the rain will end and when we'll get a real cool down coming up all morning long on WMC-TV5.

We have lots of news....the latest information about what happened in CT...new details unfolding while you were sleeping and how Mid-South schools are stepping up security here.

Also new information about the Memphis Police officer shooting that left one officer dead and another wounded on Friday....more details are being released.

We're also talking about a drinking and driving crackdown during the holidays in the Mid-South, a preview of The Voice finale, probes crashing into the moon this week and what economists predict for 2013 in the U.S.

Join Lindsey, Amy, Ben, Tim, Kym and me right now on WMC-TV5

Andrew Douglas