Mid-South shooting victim's mother holds teddy bear drive for CT

(WMC-TV) – The tragedy in Connecticut hits close to home for a Mid-South mother whose child was killed in the first school shooting in the nation.

"We randomly received teddy bears all over the country, all over the world actually and they had little notes on them saying, 'I love you, hug me,'" said Pam Herring.

Herring is the mother of teen who was killed during a high school shooting at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro back in 1998. Five people were killed and ten others injured.

And 15 years later, Herring is asking you to help give back to the families of the victims in Connecticut in the form of teddy bears. She says a friendly face can do more than anyone will ever know.

"They still have them," Herring said. "Teachers now still have their bears…those kids held those bears because there was some things about those bears that gave them - comfort out of chaos."

Herring, along with several businesses, are now asking you to donate a teddy bear. Interested in helping out? The deadline to drop off the bears is this Wednesday. Here is a list of locations where you can drop off a teddy bear.

  • Valley View Jr. High and Intermediate
  • Nettleton Jr. High
  • Westside Middle School
  • Southwest Church of Christ
  • Bono Church of Christ
  • Brookland Schools
  • Ritter Communications
  • The Refinery at The Mall At Turtle Creek
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Big Creek Outdoors in Bono
  • Wood Hoffman Vision Clinic
  • Herman Baptist Church
  • Valley View Church of Christ

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