Two men rescued from soybean accident

Two men rescued from soybean accident

LUXORA, AR - (WMC-TV) – The sheer terror that must have gone through two Mid-South workers minds must have been agonizing as they were buried alive in grain.

A lot of these grain bin accident stories do not end well. It is hard to imagine the horror of being in that bin sinking around you like quick sand.

"It was up to my armpit. It was up to his lips. We was just doing what we could do to stay alive," Justin Martin said.

Justin Martin and Frank McCarty were trapped in a grain bin filled with soybeans at McCarty Farms in Luxora for more than six hours.

McCarty, rescued after almost eight hours, had to be brought out on a stretcher. The crowd cheered. He was airlifted to the MED.

Luxora Mayor Jasper Jackson who works at the farm ran to the bin when it was clear there was a problem.

"I went down in the tank myself and seen down in there," Jackson said. "It was quick like a whirlpool and they were going down and the beans covering them."

Justin Martin feared his co-worker might die.

"Scooping beans away from his mouth so he could breathe," he said. "It was hard to breathe for him and me but he was in a lot worse shape than I was."

Martin's fiance waited outside.

"Horrifying!" she said.

Rescuers from around the area cut holes in the bin so the grain could flow out but the danger for the two men inside and the rescuers was still there.

"There was so much grain in there, all the grain was coming back on them," Dale Stracener with the Blytheville Fire Department said. "We had to try to get something build around him to keep the grain from crushing him."

"While we were in their getting him out the dust itself it will choke you down," said rescuer Jason Dunlap.

And while the two men were in the bin for hours wondering if they would get out alive they talked.

"Talked about hunting again in Colorado as soon as he gets better that's where we are going," Martin said.

Frank McCarty is at the MED in fair condition. His father owns McCarty Farms.

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