School security officers train in emergency preparedness

School security officers train in emergency preparedness
MCS security officers learn emergency preparedness
MCS security officers learn emergency preparedness

(WMC-TV) – Many people are wondering what is being done to keep students Mid-South students safe.

School security officers are already taking part in a week-long training course in order designed to keep them on their toes in case of an emergency.

In addition to surveillance cameras, keeping school doors locked, and keeping police on campus, MCS school security officers say training is what it takes to make sure your child is safe and sound.

Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary hit home for Memphis City School security officers.

"It hurt because I have four children and I got two little children as well," said MCS security officer John Best.

It is John Best's job to make sure students at Hamilton Elementary School, Hamilton Middle School, and Hamilton High School stay safe.

"Foot patrol around the school, I'm at the entrances when they come in the door, at the outside when the leave," said Best.

Best says visibility is key when it comes to keeping an armed gunman off of the schools' campuses.

"It can happen here, it can happen anywhere. The purpose of this training is to help us move forward," he said.

This week, Best and other MCS security staff are learning detailed information about what do to if an active shooter walks into a school.

"Locking their doors, turning off lights, putting kids on an interior wall so that as a person who wants to do harm walks around inside, a classroom looks vacant," said Lieutenant Tim Enos, School Safety Advocacy Council.

Lieutenant Tim Enos also works with the Sarasota, Florida Sheriff's Department.

Lt. Enos is in Memphis teaching school security officers techniques to keep campuses safe when children are threatened.

"At that time, there's really no wrong answer. Ultimately, it's about the school and students safety and doing whatever you can to protect them," said Lt. Enos.

MCS security officers will be in training all week.

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