Andy's Got Your Back on thieves hiding in plain sight

Andy's Got Your Back on thieves hiding in plain sight

(WMC TV) - Identity thieves often hide behind the sparkling smiles of trusted service workers.

U.S. postal inspectors just busted one who worked in a hospital.

Asia Tompkins was a patient registry clerk. "Her job was to take their information and load it into a computer," said Postal Inspector Michael Romano.

Romano said after Tompkins registered patients into the hospital, she stole their personal information.

"She applied for more than 130 credit cards in other individuals' names," he said.

Inspectors found Tompkins' paper trail through her Facebook page. They tracked her "likes" in shopping, then tracked her purchases.

Eventually, they caught her under video surveillance making those purchases with patients' credit card numbers.

"People came into the hospital expecting services and not expecting to have their identity breached," Romano said.

When thieves get good, they get greedy. And stupid.

They often leave traces on social media. Like Asia Tompkins did.

She's serving three years in prison after pleading guilty to identity theft and bank fraud.

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