Fire destroys Wolf River Conservancy offices

(WMC-TV) - The Wolf River Conservancy is cleaning up after a fire ripped through their building on Walnut Grove Road.

"It's significant damage, we know at least one of our four offices is completely destroyed," said Ken Kimble, Wolf River Conservancy.

Ken Kimble and other conversancy workers spent most of the morning watching and waiting for a chance to go into their headquarters and see the extent of the damage.

The organization leads environment efforts along the Wolf River greenway.

Workers say they are most concerned about their computer equipment and a massive collection of land maps.

The question investigators are asking is, 'How can two buildings that don't touch each other catch on fire at the same time?'

"It is odd to me, it would be interesting to hear what happened," said Kimble.

Investigators say both of the fires are suspicious.

Conservancy workers say the fire could not have happened at a worst time. December is the month the group does most of its fundraising.

"We've got several major projects in the works and hopefully this won't set us back too hard on that," explained Kimble.

Due to the damage at their offices, the best way to contact anyone at the Wolf River Conservancy is via their website.

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