Southaven mayor's timeline of past troubles

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) – Southaven Mayor Greg Davis' troubles first surfaced just over one year ago, after a Mississippi auditor accused him of spending city money for personal use, pointing a receipt from a Toronto sex shop.

Shortly thereafter, it came out that the former "family man" was gay.

Southaven residents told Action News 5 they did not care about his sexuality, but instead, how their taxpayer dollars were being spent.

A state and federal investigation into Davis' spending of city money showed that thousands of follars was spent on food, liquor, and out-of-town trips.

The Mississippi auditor ordered Davis pay back nearly $170,000.

Alderman, many of whom signed off on the mayor's spending, became tight-lipped.

Suddenly, Davis was gone, leaving little information about where he went and when he would return.

The Southaven Board of Aldermen called for Mayor Davis' resignation, but not before Davis sent his attorney with a written statement.

"I've taken personal time since December 256, 2011, to seek medical care concerning health issues," said Davis' attorney, Steve Farese.

The board's resolution had no teeth. Only a felony conviction or his own resignation would get Davis out of office.

In the midst of the aforementioned troubles, a bitter divorce ensued with his now ex-wife, who claims Davis not only hid money from her, but threatened her with his political clout. She also accused him of cheating on her with a man.

In September, Davis was found guilty of illegally passing a school bus.

And, stipends he was paid for education, longevity, and overseeing the city's utility department were eliminated.

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