Alderman, residents react to Southaven mayor's arrest

Alderman, residents react to Southaven mayor's arrest

(WMC-TV) – Southaven residents are speaking up after learning their mayor was arrested Tuesday.

Some were surprised to hear Southaven Mayor Greg Davis went to jail, but others say it is about time.

"I think it puts a really bad light on Southaven and the surrounding area, he needs to get out of there," said Southaven resident Janice Cummins.

The mayor has been the focus of state and federal investigations for more than one year, accused of misspending taxpayer money.

Southaven Alderman Ronnie Hale says Davis would not be able to hold office if he is convicted.

"By state law he is still the sitting mayor, we can't remove him from office, we don't have that availability, there's no law that says we can remove him from office," said Hale.

The indictments allege Davis bought a car leased by the city when investigators say he did not have that authority. Once he bought the car, he is also accused of filing it up with city gas.

"He knows it was wrong when he was doing it, and he knows for his own personal use for the car, it wasn't for the city and he deserves what's coming to him," said Ray Burnham, who lives in Southaven.

Some residents do not see how Davis can run a city with these charges against him.

"Being that he's accused of embezzlement and misusing money, is there anything you guys can do to make sure he's got less access to that?" Action News 5 asked Alderman Hale.

"Well some of those things that are in regards to these indictments alone, we don't have to worry about the personal car or the gas anymore because he now has a city car," Hale responded.

Hale said he does not know whether any of the other aldermen are part of the investigation. He does know of any member of the board being contacted, but he added that they would be available for anything the investigators may need.

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