Southaven Mayor Greg Davis out of jail on bond but a no-show at Board of Aldermen Meeting

Southaven Mayor Greg Davis Out On Bond But A No Show At Alderman Meeting
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis
Southaven Mayor Greg Davis

(WMC-TV) - Southaven Mayor Greg Davis was driving his car, Tuesday when he got a call from his attorney that he had been indicted on three felony counts. Davis turned himself in and was released on a $3,500.

"He was surprised it came down," Davis's attorney, Steve Farese said. "There was no inkling there would be a state a state indictment."

Davis was indicted by a Desoto County Grand jury on three felony counts. He is charged with two counts of embezzlement involving the use of the city pumps to fill up his personal car and purchasing a Ford expedition the city had been leasing for him at a reduced rate. The indictment said Davis purchased the car without the aldermen's permission.

The third count involves Davis requesting a check for one thousand dollars that was used for personal expenses. Davis' Attorney, Steve Farese said he will plead not guilty.

"He is tough minded he believes he is right and he wants to carry this through," Farese said. "He is not stupid. He knows that there has been a group of people out to get him."

Farese admitted the charges are serious because they are felonies and carry up to 35 years behind bars. Something Farese said is unlikely given Davis' clean record.

"We were shocked it happened today, but we kind of assumed it would happen eventually," Southaven Alderman George Payne said.

Southaven Aldermen conducted their meeting Tuesday night without Davis who chose not to show up.

All of them said they knew an indictment would happen, they just didn't think it would be this soon.

"It took me by surprise," said Southaven Alderman Ricky Jobes. "I was shopping with my granddaughter. Yeah it took me a bit by surprise."

"We've been going through this for a long time now for well over a year a year and a half," Southaven Alderman Greg Guy said. "We want to make sure we get on the path of healing. It just seems like every time we're about to be there some news pops out."

Davis's attorney said he does not plan to step down as mayor. Under state law he does not have to unless he is convicted.

DA John champion said Tuesday's indictment is just the tip of the iceberg. The state and federal investigation is continuing.

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