Andy's Restaurant Scorecard: Cheffie's Cafe, plus scores

(WMC TV) - THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Cheffie's Cafe, 483 High Point Terrace, East Memphis, 901-343-0488.

Located two-tenths of a mile north of where the Shelby Farms Greenline crosses High Point Terrace, Cheffie's Cafe has catered (quite literally) to healthy lifestyles and local food producers since its March opening.

"We get a lot of local produce. We slice everything fresh every day," said Cheffie's General Manager Drew Ward. "Healthy eating, healthy living. There's lots of exercise enthusiasts who come through. Lots of bikers. Lots of runners."

They carb up on sandwiches, paninis and salads (with homemade dressings!). Customers can select straight from Cheffie's signature menu or "Be The Chef."

"You can build your own salad, build your own sandwich," Ward said. "We try to host a custom dining experience with fresh food. We got about 50 ingredients."

"I make my own sandwich," said Midtown's Susan Schwartz, sweaty from a go on the Greenline. "Just chicken and cheese and banana peppers."

Cheffie's is a great place to watch the ball game, too. Craft beers -- including Ghost River's local lineup -- a gelato bar and flat-screen TV's get you pumped for your next athletic event.

Maybe even one that's taking place two-tenths of a mile to the south...

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Tuscany Chicken Sandwich, Pesto Schmear, Cobb Salad, Homemade Lemon Vinaigrette & Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressings, Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus.


Makeda's Cookies, 2370 Airways Blvd., Airways Area/E. Memphis, 100 on Dec. 11

The Cove, 2559 Broad Ave., Binghampton/E. Memphis, 98 on Dec. 11

Brendalay Grill, 6259 Quintard St., Arlington, TN., 98 on Dec. 13

Subway, 1996 S. Houston Levee Rd., Suite 105, Collierville, TN, 98 on Dec. 11

Grandma's Desserts, 3108 Park Ave., Orange Mound/South Memphis, 98 on Dec. 11

Arby's, 967 W. Poplar Ave., Collierville, TN, 98 on Dec. 10

Square Beans Coffee, 101 N. Center St., Collierville, TN, 98 on Dec. 11

Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken, 215 Center St., Collierville, TN, 98 on Dec. 11

Papa John's Pizza, 6828 Stage Rd., Bartlett, TN, 98 on Dec. 10

Big City Dogs, 2760 N. Germantown Pkwy, Wolfchase Galleria, 98 on Dec. 13

Backyard Burgers, 5091 Park Ave., East Memphis, 97 on Dec. 11

TCBY, 2059 S. Houston Levee Rd., Germantown, TN, 97 on Dec. 11

Burger King, 2205 Frayser Blvd., Frayser, 97 on Dec. 13

Papa John's Pizza, 9160 Hwy. 64, Lakeland, TN, 97 on Dec. 10

T.J.'s Restaurant & Lounge, 1502 S. Third St., South Memphis, 97 on Dec. 13

Jody's Donut Bakery, 1996 S. Houston Levee Rd., Suite 102, Collierville, TN, 96 on Dec. 11

Mama D's Italian Ice, 1729 Patton Place, Collierville, TN, 96 on Dec. 10

TGIFriday's, 7733 Winchester Rd., Southwind Area/SE Memphis, 96 on Dec. 11

The Corner Pub, 4148 Wales Ave., North Memphis, 96 on Dec. 11

The Sports Bar & Grill, 3275 Jackson Ave., Brinkley Heights/N. Memphis, 96 on Dec. 11

Subway, 2813 Bartlett Blvd., Bartlett, TN, 96 on Dec. 11

Court House Deli, 22 S. Main St., Downtown Memphis, 95 on Dec. 6

Cortona, 948 S. Cooper St., Cooper-Young/Midtown Memphis, 94 on Dec. 11

Interstate Barbecue, 2265 S. Third St., South Memphis, 94 on Dec. 13

Amigo's, 3121 S. Mendenhall Rd., Parkway Village/SE Memphis, 94 on Dec. 13

Loose Goose Sports Bar & Grill, 8014 Club Center Dr., Cordova, TN, 94 on Dec. 12

Alanna's Breakfast Kafe, 86 N. Main St., Downtown Memphis, 94, date not listed

Crumpy's Hot Wings, 3983 Knight Arnold Rd., Parkway Village/SE Memphis, 94 on Dec. 12

Dyers Hamburgers, 101 Center St., Collierville, TN, 93 on Dec. 10

Café Grill, 120 E. Mulberry St., Collierville, TN, 93 on Dec. 11

Circa by John Bragg, 6150 Poplar Ave., Suite 122, Regalia Shopping Center, East Memphis, 93 on Dec. 11

Lucchesi's, 540 S. Mendenhall, Suite 3, Mendenhall Commons Shopping Center, East Memphis, 92 on Dec. 11

Genghis Grill, 2362 N. Germantown Pkwy, Cordova, TN, 92 on Dec. 13

Cove Soul Food & More, 1689 Jackson Ave., Vollintine Evergreen/NE Memphis, 91 on Dec. 11

Fresh Slices Sidewalk Deli, 1585 Overton Park Ave., Midtown Memphis, 91 on Dec. 13

Collierville's Best Hot Wings, 875 W. Poplar Ave., Suite 6, Collierville, TN, 90 on Dec. 10

Little Italy, 1495 Union Ave., Midtown Memphis, 90 on Dec. 11

The Fox and Hound Restaurant, 819 Exocet Dr., Cordova, TN, 89 on Dec. 10

Silver Caboose, 132 Mulberry St., Collierville, TN, 89 on Dec. 11

Young Ave. Deli, 2119 Young Ave., Cooper-Young/Midtown Memphis, 89 on Dec. 10

Oleo's Sandwich Shop, 1509 Willis St., Douglas/N. Memphis, 89 on Dec. 13

Lotus Restaurant, 4970 Summer Ave., Berclair/E. Memphis, 89 on Dec. 13

Ichiban Buffet, 265 Market Blvd., Collierville, TN, 88 on Dec. 10

Russwood Park Grill, 160 Union Ave., Downtown Memphis, 87, date not listed

Fuji Café, 875 W. Poplar Ave., Collierville, TN, 87 on Dec. 10

The Hi-Tone Café, 1913 Poplar Ave., Overton Park/Midtown Memphis, 87 on Dec. 13

A&R Barbecue, 1802 Elvis Presley Blvd., Orange Mound/South Memphis, 86 on Dec. 13

Mother's Family Restaurant, 2661 N. Hollywood St., Skylake Shopping Center, Frayser, 86, date not listed

O'Charley's, 656 W. Poplar Ave., Collierville, TN, 81 on Dec. 10

Flavors Indian Cuisine, 4205 Hacks Cross Rd., Southwind Area/SE Memphis, 65 on Dec. 14 (FAILURE)

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