Neighbors worry about old trees after wind storm

Neighbors worry about old trees after wind storm

(WMC-TV) – The high winds caused damage across the Mid-South. And at least one homeowner has quite the insurance headache to deal with, just in time for the holidays.

Christopher Ayers was walking around taking photos of his vehicle, which had been crushed by a tree, when a tree in his neighbor's yard cracked from a wind gust.

"It looks bad. It looks a lot worse from over here, but their house is really damaged," said Ayers. "I'm just glad my neighbors are okay. That was the most important thing."

Ayers called police and worked to make sure nobody was injured. He said old, weak trees are a problem in his neighborhood.

"I didn't anticipate something like this though," he said. "My concern is for the whole neighborhood because we have threes like this. I mean, it's a beautiful community, but these trees are old and we don't know how well they will hold up with weather."

If wind gusts did this, Ayers wonders what a tornado would do.