Support for Mid-South marine goes viral

Support pours out online for injured Marine

(WMC-TV) - A Facebook page in support of the wounded Munford marine corporal Christian Brown is just one example of how the story of how his humiliating treatment on a recent Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Washington has touched people throughout the county.

The Action News 5 Facebook page and website has been flooded with responses and views of the story.

Also, many more supporters are standing with this marine through other social media outlets online.

Brown was injured by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan, then he was pushed through an already loaded plane, bumping into seats and passengers.

Witnesses indicated the wounded vet was brought to tears by his treatment.

Delta has since apologized, going as far as to say that Brown's treatment is an opportunity for the airline to "revisit and reinforce the standards that more than 80,000 employees worldwide embody."

Brown and his family cannot comment about this matter because it is now being handled by the U.S. Marine Corps.

But, when Brown first returned home in September after months of rehabilitation at Walter Reed Army medical center - he had a few things to say about the challenges ahead of him.

"A marine doesn't know defeat, you know? There's always gonna be a challenge or expectation. So, as long as you can wake up and fill your shoes, in this case, you know, wake up and be hell on wheels, you know, and do the right things - as long as I'm moving forward then, I'm happy," said Reed.

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