Councilman asks for cancellation of gun show

Some want weekend gun show canceled
(WMC-TV) - The Gun and Knife show is legal and those who buy guns there have every right to do so, but some are calling for Memphis and Shelby County leaders to make a statement of compassion in light of the tragedy in Connecticut and shut down the show this weekend.

The RK Gun & Knife Show at the Agricenter this weekend has touched a nerve. 

"The promoter of this gun show should have some sensitivity and he should postpone that show out of respect for what happened in Connecticut," said Memphis City Councilman Myron Lowery. 

Lowery is among those calling for the show to be canceled.
"It really infuriated me that we're just going to allow all that to just be a normal thing for people to do the weekend before Christmas, after over 20 people have been massacred with an assault rifle," he said

Memphis William Craddock has asked the city and county mayors to stop the show. 

But the Agricenter is an independent agency with it's own board of directors. 

The board has met and the show will go on.

Agricenter president John Charles Wilson said in an email, "We are all heart broken over the tragedy in Connecticut and understand that such a tragedy makes us all search for answers, and steps we hope will prevent such a tragedy from ever occurring again. I am obligated to honor Agricenter's commitments. The Gun and Knife Show is operated by a private company that has contracted with Agricenter and has been scheduled for over a year." 
Since the gun show will go on, Lowery suggests paying respect to the victims by postponing the purchase of a gun.

"The guns aren't going to be taken off the streets by next week. Why go out and buy a gun this weekend, why?" said Lowery.

In his letter, Agricenter president said the owner of the Gun and Knife Show will be making a donation to Sandy Hook School in honor of the victims of that tragedy. 

Action News 5 reached out to the owners of the show, but did not receive a call back.

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