DeSoto County deputies could have radar detectors in patrol cars next year

DeSoto County deputies could have radar detectors in patrol cars next year
(WMC-TV) - Speeders beware, DeSoto County Sheriff Bill Rasco is hoping to change state law prohibiting Sheriff's deputies from using radar guns.
Rasco said radar detectors could be in patrol cars some time next year if legislators change the law.

But, some people in DeSoto county drive with a heavy foot.

"I think they give an honest man a ticket too much. They give me a ticket in Olive Branch on the road I grew up on," said resident Mike Broadway. 

Broadway drives through the intersection of Highway 178 and Red Banks Road every day. 

He said speeders are more than likely to get away with it.

That's because there are no radar detectors in county patrol cars.

"The only way we can give a speeding ticket is if we track somebody for two and a half miles," said Rasco.

Action News 5's Justin Hanson traveled with Deputy Zach Dickerson during the busy lunch hour along Goodman Road to see just what goes on.

Dickerson saw several cars going over the speed limit, and he couldn't do anything about it.
"When you go to court and give someone a speeding ticket from the Sheriff's Department, their attorney says when was the last time your speedometer was calibrated.  So it's a no win situation for us," said Rasco.

Deputy Dickerson patrols miles of roadway every day.

He hopes to soon get the radar detectors.

"It could save somebody's life. There's been several wrecks at this intersection and it could have very well been because of speeding," said Broadway.

Rasco said the purpose of speeding tickets would not be additional money for the county. 

"Since I've been in office for five years now, I know of five single vehicle crashes that have cost the lives of five people and that's just because of speeding," said Rasco. 

Rasco said he's planning more trips to Jackson after the first of the year to continue lobbying for county radar detectors. 

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