Gun sales skyrocket in stores across the Mid-South

Gun sales skyrocket across Mid-South

(WMC-TV) - Gun sales are skyrocketing across parts of the Mid-South.

Customers say they are afraid of a future ban on the sale of certain guns.  Many are rushing out to get them while they can.

Gun store owners say automatic rifles are flying out of stores.

"When you don't have a gun, you got no power. You feel defenseless," said resident Maria Wells.

At one gun store on Summer Avenue, gun sales have nearly tripled.

"People are saying this is what I believe. I should be able to own the gun I want and I'm willing to put my money in place as a vote against a ban," added Joe Dyer, Accent Guns and Loans.

Maria Walls used to own a gun. She got rid of it when she realized how dangerous they can be and how easy it is to get one.

"A lot of people have done so much wrong till they can't get it legal. So why go through all this red tape of getting one when you can go around the corner," Walls said.

Joe Dyer says he does not know whether people are buying guns because they fear a ban or because they are afraid for their safety.

"You can't just walk in the door, buy a gun and walk out," he said.

Dyer says no matter the reason, many are lining up to complete the background check to buy them.

"People kill people. It's not the gun. It's the ones behind the gun," Walls said.

Gun store owners say that background check can be pretty extensive.

When you fill out a form, your name is checked in an FBI database.

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