Tweaks to Bass Pro's Memphis plan won't stop its economic boost

Tweaks to Bass Pro's Memphis plan won't stop its economic boost
(WMC-TV) - There are talks the new Bass Pro Shop might be scaling back.
Earlier this year, the store unveiled it's plan to re-open the Pyramid as a major outdoors store.

Tourism officials said there may be a few tweaks to the original plan, but it's still full steam ahead for it's location inside the Pyramid.

"Bass Pro is moving forward, onward and upward and we're going to have something we're all going to be proud of in the not so distant future," said Kevin Kane with the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Bass Pro's presence in downtown Memphis is expected to bring in an estimated fifty million dollars in sales revenue. 

When construction kicked off back in June, the plans for this fishing and hunting haven included water features, a restaurant, marina and a three story hotel.

Now, some of those things on the wish list are being reconsidered.

"I know they're looking at a number of things. The hotel component is obviously a big deal because it was going to change things internally in the building," said Kane.

Kane wouldn't talk specifics when it comes to what would stay and what would go with Bass Pro.

He said the shops' founder, Johnny Morris, is a visionary and wants the downtown project perfect.

"The plans are a little fluid. That's because he's going to get the thing perfect, the way he wants it.  We can't underestimate his creativity," said Kane.

Kane said whether or not they'll be a zip line or bowling alley inside or an observation deck at the top is still up in the air.

He said one thing is for certain - Bass Pro will be the Mid-South's sporting sanctuary once it's open in late 2013.

"If it means making changes up the last minute, he will do that.  He will get the product he wants in the end," said Kane.

Bass Pro spokesperson Larry Whiteley said he can't give details about what tweaks were being made. 

He said those plans will be announced to the media at one time.  

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