Mayor Wharton takes call from VP Biden about gun violence

Mayor Wharton takes call from VP Biden about gun violence

(WMC-TV) – Memphis Mayor A C Wharton left the funeral of fallen police officer Martoiya Lang to take a phone call with Vice President Joe Biden.

Mayor Wharton says he regrets having to step out of officer Martoiya Lang's funeral service, but he thinks it was poignant a call from Biden regarding gun violence came when it did.

Wharton took the call in the pastor's office at Hope Presbyterian Church. The group, which included a dozen other mayors, discussed ways to address the type of gun violence that killed 20 children in Connecticut and took Officer Lang's life one week ago in Memphis.

We learned Friday that her suspected killer used a stolen handgun with a 16 round extended clip, which is one area of concern for Wharton and those whom he spoke with on the phone.

"Definitively, across the board, everybody said we've got to do something about super clips where people load up like they're in Afghanistan or somewhere," said Mayor Wharton.

Wharton and the other mayors are to send their top three recommendations to the Vice President Biden as soon as possible.

The White House will eventfully present a proposal to congress.

Some take issue with the renewed focus on gun control, not to mention the mayor's leaving the funeral Friday.

Action News 5's Jason Miles will have more on that, as well as Joe Biden's take on the phone call, coming up on the news at 10 p.m.

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