Road crews prep streets for winter weather

Road crews prep streets for winter weather

(WMC-TV) – Winter weather warnings and watches are keeping people on the edge of their seats across much of the Mid-South -- even inside Shelby County and Memphis city limits.

The public works facility in Frayser is one of the two places from which about a dozen trucks will head onto the roads with salt and sand beginning at around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

About 24 public works employees have already been called in on Christmas.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has thousands of tons of salt and sand at its disposal, in addition to the snow plows that will hit the highways and interstates.

Here in Memphis, public works crews will focus on bridges and overpasses.  They plan to stay out on the streets through 7 a.m.

They hope to prevent any problems during the morning commute.  City officials suggest people stay at home if at all possible.

They also ask that drivers stay clear of the places where you see them working on the roads.

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