Downtown restaurant serves breakfast to those in need

(WMC-TV) - People all over the Mid-South and the county are sharing meals for the holiday, and thanks to one downtown restaurant - there was even a place for those who didn't have anyone to share a meal with.

Known simply as Mr Westy, Jake Schorr, owns Westy's restaurant in downtown Memphis.

For the ninth straight year, Westy's opened its doors on Christmas to serve free meals to those who needed it most.

 "I don't ask if they're homeless, I don't ask if they just need something to eat," said Schorr.

For Mr. Westy, the answer is always yes.

 "It's not me, it's not about me, it's about the people who came to help me. That's what it's about," said Schorr.

And if someone is still hungry when they leave, Schorr insists that there is no limit and to get another round of food. 

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