Tree crushes family's home during Christmas dinner

MEMPHIS, TN - (WMC-TV) – It was not snow, but wind that ruined one Memphis family's Christmas. It toppled a massive tree into their kitchen and a bedroom.

The family inside the home considers it a Christmas miracle they survived. The tree came crashing down just as dinner was about to begin.

"I got tears in my eyes thanking God that we were blessed to even get out of that house," Reginald Buntyn said.

Buntyn and his girlfriend, Rebecca Miller, were just about to eat Christmas dinner when a massive oak "remodeled" her North Memphis home.

"She was fixing me a plate, and the next thing you know all of the sudden the house start shaking, a tree fell down," Buntyn said.

The tree split the kitchen roof in two.

"I just thank God to be alive, me, him, and my child," Miller said.

Her 18 year-old son, already on crutches, also escaped unscathed.

"She had just come out of the kitchen and put my plate on the dining room table," said Buntyn.

"I'd be dead, she'd be dead. I'd be dead," Miller said.

Miller said she complained to the landlord before about the half-way rotten tree, and feared its falling after the last windy day.

For now, they will stay elsewhere after losing power and, literally, the roof over the heads.

"I thank God that we was able to come out of that house, man," said Buntyn.

Firefighters did respond to the falling tree, made sure everyone was okay, and turned off the gas.

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