Dyersburg prepares for blizzard conditions

DYERSBURG, TN - (WMC-TV) – North of the city of Memphis there's a blizzard warning for both Lauderdale and Dyer Counties where several inches of snow is expected to fall overnight.

Rain is coming down in Dyersburg, but it's going to turn to snow.

"Most people when they hear snow, that's the first thing they do is make sure they've got bread," said Dyersburg resident Edgar Currin.

All afternoon I watched customers flood the local Walgreen's, one of the only places open on Christmas. So many people that the cashier told me they were sold out of bread and milk.

"Walmart's closed. I can't believe it, but we found a store that's open and hooked us up, so we're all set," said Mike Semsky who was visiting family.

As the sun set and the pharmacy closed.

The wind started swirling, shaking stop lights and signs as the winter storm inched closer. Now gas stations are the only options for last minute items until morning.

"They said there was a storm coming this way and I checked my cupboards and I'd seen that we needed a few items and it's best to get it now before it does hit," Currin said.

City salt trucks are expected to get out around midnight to treat the roads, giving travelers some traction. But the Semsky family doubts too many folks will be testing mother nature.

"I think people are going to move around less tomorrow then they are today and stay with their families an extra night if they have to," said Semsky.

Dyersburg leaders are hoping more people think like the Semskys. A Facebook alert is urging residents not to travel, and to park off the streets for snow plows. The city is telling folks to prepare for 6 to 10 inches, causing mixed reactions around town.

"If it snows 10 inches, west Tennessee will basically shut down we're not prepared for 10 inches of snow," said Currin.

"We're excited to be able to be stuck inside for an extra day of snow, so it's no problem for us," the Semskys said.

The public works director says both city and state teams will be out treating the roads in the morning.

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