Dropping temperatures could lead to icy roads

Dropping temperatures could lead to icy roads

(WMC-TV) – Despite the wintry weather, there were relatively few travel issues Wednesday.

Meteorologists are expecting more of the same, but experts are still urging drivers to be safe.

If you have ever been behind the wheel in this town, you have likely said it before.

"Memphis drivers? Horrible. Horrible," said Max Maxwell, Maxwell Driving School.

And it only gets worse during winter weather.

But Wednesday, it was a relatively quiet day on city streets. The whipping wind combined with traffic volume helped dry up the roads.

Action News 5's meteorologists predict temperatures to drop into the 20s, which could cause what has already melted – to freeze.

The National Weather Service says they do not expect any re-freeze issues in the metro area, but driving instructor Max Maxwell says drivers should always take extra-precautions regardless.

The biggest thing is slow down. You come to a bridge, you do see some slush on it just come out off the gas. Don't make any changes just come out of the gas and coast across," explained Maxwell.

Whenever necessary, city crews pre-treat overpasses and areas around police precincts, fire stations, and hospitals, but Maxwell says nothing can combat carelessness.

"I can't stress enough: slow down, slow down, slow down," he said. "I leave my house in the morning. I come home at night. That's my primary objective. It's not leave the house, come home three weeks later missing body parts."

As more people begin heading back to work in the morning, Action News 5 will continue to be your source for traffic information during the commute.

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