Kids and parents alike take advantage of fresh snow

Kids and parents alike take advantage of fresh snow

(WMC-TV) – The inch of snow that fell in Memphis was not enough to ruin the roads, but was just enough to create a perfect playground.

Dozens of people hit one of the hottest spots in town on one of the coldest days in recent memory.

"Our girls were staying up 'til midnight. They heard the forecast it was gonna hit at midnight. It started snowing at midnight they were like, 'It's a Christmas miracle!'" said Ed Shaw.

The hill at the Levitt Shell in Overton Park was a magnet for snow-seekers.

Just watch out for these guys throwing snowballs.

"So, are there any rules or is it just like a sneak attack?" asked Action News 5's Nick Kenney.

"Just hit anyone you can," answered the snowballer.

From snowballs to snow angels, kids took advantage of the elements.

"Who is having more fun, her or you," Kenney asked Scott Guidry, who was at the hill with his daughter.

"It would be me," he replied. "We've sorta beat this hill down and it just keeps getting faster."

Guidry said they plan to take advantage of the snow until it melts, which is no doubt going to be soon.

Snow in the south has shelf life just long enough for Action News 5 videographer Chris Sanders to take a quick ride down the hill.

"We get just enough. Get out, have some fun, and then it'll go away," said Shaw.

That is… until next time.

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