3 inches of snow drops on Dyersburg

3 inches of snow falls in Dyersburg

(WMC-TV) - Dyer County residents bracing for a possible blizzard got a reprieve and they are happy they are not digging their way out of their homes Wednesday.

It was a belated white Christmas as three inches of snow dropped on Dyersburg.

From jail trustees clearing the sidewalks, to snow blades getting ice off of the streets, there was a lot of scraping going on.

"I think it'll be out of here by the end of the day, the ground temperature is still warm and it looked like it was going to move out pretty good," said Will McBride, who drives a salt truck.

For drivers, that may be bad news. The snow that melts could eventually re-freeze making for dangerous roads. But some of the snow on the ground will hang around.

It is welcomed news for Jarrod Lawrence, who was sledding down a hill in his neighborhood. It was one of several items on his snow day agenda.

"I try to make snow forts and have a snowball fight," said Lawrence.

Whether they were sledding or scraping, many people in Dyer County were okay with a blanket of snow the day after Christmas.

"I haven't seen snow like this in at least a couple of years, two or three years at least," said McBride.

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