Shoppers hit the stores again for post Christmas deals, gift returns

(WMC-TV) - Malls and other stores were packed with shoppers the day after Christmas, with some people busy exchanging gifts while others were looking for sale items.
It's a part of the holidays, people heading to the stores to try and catch some post Christmas deals - shoppers and store managers alike are hopeful. 

It looks like Christmas with holiday signs and stocking stuffers, but the sale signs only popped up today.

"A lot of our Christmas product is on clearance, so that drives a lot of business for us," said Target manager Mark Wheeler.

A large number of shoppers are using gift cards, like one father and son.

"He got Christmas money, and there were some toys Santa just couldn't fill his bag with," said father Don Chou about his son.

Many stores will continue the sales through the week, even announcing new deals in time for the new year. 

But post Christmas deals weren't the only reasons malls and retail stores were filling up. 

Return and exchange lines have become just as much a part of Christmas as fruit cake and cheesy sweaters.

"The Wii U we got was freezing so it had a malfunction," said shopper Brendan Stallings. 

He's not alone. 

Christmas Day malfunctions brought many others out. 

Some getting something that works, and others something they really want.

"Today I had to return something and it just messed up my day, but then again it's going to be a good day because the kids are going to be happy and I'm going to be happy," said shopper Kevin Jefferies.

Shopper Jon Nelson thought he had his shopping done online before he made the trip from Texas to Memphis. 

It turns out it was all back ordered, and now he's rushing to give his daughter something to unwrap a day late.

He's hoping with all the sales he'll come out on top in the deal.

"Trying to save a little bit of money. So I guess I'll get the money from that back order so that's what I'm doing," said Nelson.

Stores, like target, are ready for the crowds.

"We obviously staff a little heavy than normal obviously for this day, actually this week starting today we'll have quite a bit of returns from now till the weekend so we do staff a little heavier at our guest service areas," said Wheeler. 

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