Chilly weather continues and rain is on the way, Wine in grocery stores update, Pyramid plans revealed

Good morning and welcome to a chilly Thursday...temps are in the 20s around much of the area..highs will be in the 40s for most...and there is rain on the way tomorrow...Ron Childers is breaking down the forecast and what to expect today, this weekend and for the next 7 days.

We also have video of the EF2 tornado that hit Mobile, AL. A surveillance camera picked up some of the damage. We'll show it to you this morning...

Only on 5 we have new plans revealed for the Pyramid. This time next year Bass Pro is expected to have everything ready for its opening...Details of that plan on WMC-TV5 all morning long.

The wine in grocery stores bill is going to the state legislature for the 7th time and this time some state lawmakers are confident it will pass...the latest information this morning.

We also have an update on the custody for Martoiya Lang's children, the latest to avoid the fiscal cliff and former President George H W Bush is in ICU at a Texas hospital. The latest on his condition.

Join Janeen, Lindsey, Ben, Ron and me right now! We're live for you on WMC-TV5.

Andrew Douglas