Mobile home park targeted by arsonist for 14th time

Mobile home park targeted by arsonist for 14th time

(WMC-TV) - Fire investigators are saying the Thursday morning fires at the Country View Mobile Home Park are likely arson.

The Frayser mobile home park has been a target for arsonists since it was abandoned since it flooded in 2011. Thursday's fire was the 14th arson there in just one year.

"This is a typical example of the fallout from the flood," said Steve Shular, Shelby County Mayor's Office.

Investigators say there is work being done to stop it from happening again.

A spokesman for the Shelby County Fire Department said the owner has begun to clear the park, even bringing in bulldozers to begin the cleanup effort.

Law enforcement has been attempting to develop a plan with help from the court that would order the landowner to clean up the area, potentially alleviated some of the impending danger.

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