MY TURN: Club Crave closure

MY TURN: Club Crave closure

(WMC-TV) - It's about time. That's what many of us are saying to the news that Club Crave on Beale Street is being closed down again.

The nightclub was closed a year and a half ago when it was operating as the Plush Club, but it was quickly reopened with a new name and the same problems.

Another life was lost outside the club Sunday night when violence erupted that sent two other shooting victims to the hospital. Another person was injured after being trampled when the crowd panicked.

I support Memphis Mayor AC Wharton's plan to demolish the Club Crave building. Obviously, the closure a year and a half ago did not have much impact. Beale Street merchants want to see the club closed because of the threat that it poses to the city's tourism industry. That's certainly one important reason to take this strong action. The more compelling reason is that there have been 21 shootings in and around this club during the past 20 years. There's a good chance that lives will be saved by the action that government leaders are finally taking today.

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