Greenline helps to change Memphis' image

(WMC-TV) - The Memphis Greenline is proving to be a great resource for people looking to get active and get around the Bluff City.

More than 50 miles of new bike lanes are providing commuters safer transportation and it is changing Memphis' image from one of the nation's worst cycling cities, to the most improved.

Logan Strachan, manager of Outdoors Inc. on Union Avenue, says bicycle sales have been up since the Greenline opened.

"People are really finding that they enjoy biking and that the weather isn't so much of a big deal. They'll get some clothing, get a wind breaker, get a base layer, and gear up, and tough it out, ride out and save gas, money, and enjoy riding and exercising," said Strachan.

The Greenline is encouraging people of all ages to commute and exercise more often. Strachan says he is seeing all types of cyclists while on his commute to work.

"We see a lot of middle age people, older people, who aren't afraid to get on the road anymore because they have the Greenline," explained Strachan. "They have that safety and they can use it for exercise and they can enjoy the scenery, 'cause it really is a beautiful ride and they feel safe doing it."

Even though the Greenline is not finished yet, it is already making a different in the city.

"The Greenline is definitely a blessing to Memphis and all the capacities of exercise and fitness and just overall mental health," Strachan added.

An expansion is still planned for the Greenline. It will grow to add paths father west to the Broad Avenue Arts District in 2013.

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