Congressman concerned about mental health, safety in schools

Congressman concerned about mental health, safety in schools
(WMC-TV) - Congressman Alan Nunnelee believes the mass shooting in Connecticut should spark more discussions about protecting schools than gun control.

President Barack Obama will send gun law proposals to congress in January that could include more restrictions to curb violence.

Nunnelee wants to hear discussions about mental health and safety at our nation's schools.

While he doesn't think second grade teachers should carry guns, he does believe there should be conversations about trained law enforcement officers serving as school resource officers.

He called the Connecticut shooting the face of evil, and is calling for an understanding of the reason behind the evil - rather than what he called the "tools and instruments of that evil."

"Several years ago, 1995, when the instrument of evil was a U-Haul truck and fertilizer, and we hadn't seen calls to ban U-Haul trucks since then," said Nunnelee. 

President Obama has called on lawmakers to look at re-instating a ban on military style assault weapons, restricting high ammunition clips, and closing loopholes that allow for gun buyers to get around background checks.

Action News 5 will let you know what happens in January.

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