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Man reportedly kidnapped, held for ransom at Superlo Foods

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(WMC-TV) - Three Mid-Southerners are behind bars Saturday night charged with aggravated kidnapping and extortion.

Details are sketchy about how this bizarre kidnapping was carried out, but according to the affidavit the officers surprised the alleged kidnappers at Superlo Foods on Winchester and Kirby.
About 1:30 Saturday morning, Parker Rayvil called police from the 6400 block of Mount Moriah and told them some guys had kidnapped him, wrapped duct tape around his face, beat him and forced him to make the ransom call to his wife.

The victims' wife was told to bring just $200 in exchange for her husband.

An Acura Legend arrived at the Superlo with the three suspects.

Police took them into custody, but the kidnap victim was not there.  
Rayvil told police he escaped and fled when they left to meet his wife.

Parker was taken to the MED in noncritical condition and identified the kidnappers in a lineup.

The three people charged  will be arraigned Monday.

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