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Damien Echols' prison journal entries released

(WMC-TV) - Prison journal entries from one of the now freed West Memphis Three, it come after Damien Echols spoke exclusively to Action News 5 last month about his new life in Salem.

Action News 5 took a look at what he said then, that matches some of those journal entries he released Monday.

It's Damien Echols' talk of magic and his religious beliefs that made him a prime suspect in the West Memphis Three murders.

Now he's talking about some of his beliefs, in newly release prison journal entries.

He mentioned tarot cards in our exclusive interview with Echols last month.

On a Newsweek related website,The Daily Beast, Echols shares entries from his death row journal.

Here's one entry, saying in part quote:

"I've come to view the Tarot card labeled "The Magician" as the perfect symbol of what is possible. Artists and mystics of all sorts have come to identify with The Magician, and I have taken him as my personal patron saint."

The theme he discusses most is reality, and Echols said "The Magician" allowed him to see beyond the cell bars and see the life he has now.

"I try to follow his advice, even trapped in this cell. It's not that he encourages me to push beyond my boundaries; it's more that he causes me to see they were never there in the first place" Echols wrote in his journal.

Echols' life now has few boundaries.

He lives with his wife in Salem, Massachusetts - a town long associated with mysticism and the Salem witch trials.

Interests he isn't running from, instead embracing.

"What I would like to do eventually when everything has calmed down is open a meditation center somewhere there," said Echols back in November.

Echols is promoting his book Life After Death and his documentary, "West of Memphis," which opened last week in New York and Los Angeles.

The documentary was produced by Peter Jackson.

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