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6-year-old girl hit by stray bullet

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(WMC-TV) – Mere yards from a playground - what appears to be bullet holes dot a wall.

"At midnight you know a lot of people come out and they shoot their guns," said Chris McEntire, neighbor.

And last night sounded more like the fourth of July.

"It was like firecrackers going off," McEntire said.

But the man says the sound he heard, was definitely guns being fired – not firecrackers.

And today, there's a trail of blood on a doorstep, and it belongs to a 6-year-old girl. The child was hit in the leg by a stray bullet Monday night.

The victim's mother says she heard several shots fired outside the home.

According to police, she then went outside to check for a possible suspect. She came up empty handed, and went back inside the home.

After returning inside, she heard even more shots. That's when she noticed the child appeared to have a gunshot wound in the leg.

The mother took the child to Methodist North, and he or she was later transported to LeBonheur for further medical treatment. She is in stable, non-critical condition.

A neighbor says four men were repeatedly shooting guns at nothing in particular throughout the night.

According to a neighbor, two of the shooters went into an apartment in another building. The other two got in a car and drove away.

But police say they have not made an arrest at this point.

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