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2012 murder unsolved, family wants justice

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(WMC-TV) – Anguish knows no language. Marcos Lira mourns for his son, 21-year-old, Luis Lira. Luis was shot three times in the chest at a now-empty house in Nutbush.

"That was the reason they killed him because of the money," his father said.

Through a translator, the Lira's say Luis showed up at the house on November 10 to collect a long overdue debt from old friends - only to get ambushed and shot.

He managed to drive himself home and tell police what happened, before he later died at the hospital.

"Yes, they said it was a murder," the father said.

Lira is one of 157 homicides in 2012. No one is in custody, but Memphis Police consider his case one of 124 that they solved.

As it is one of 16 considered justifiable homicides.

But the Lira's say no one ever told them the case had been closed.

Marcos says no one ever called to explain why there hasn't been an arrest.

"No, they said they were going to call but they never did."

Investigators told Action News 5's Nick Kenney that Lira showed up at the house with a gun and that he threatened the other guys first.

The Lira's say the other guys never called police, and instead, riddled his car with at least four more bullet holes as he drove back home.

And that is where a makeshift altar, made by his father, now honors his memory.

And now, the family says all they want is justice. But Marcos says he will never forget regardless.

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