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Mayor Wharton talks fiscal cliff and gun control

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(WMC-TV)  – Memphis Mayor AC Wharton's spoke at Memphis Councilman, Myron Lowery's 22nd Annual new Year's Day Prayer Breakfast Tuesday. And his New Year's Day speech began with a fiscal cliff reassurance.

"We do not have the luxury of threatening to go over a cliff here locally. We might go in the river, but we're not going over," said Wharton.

With a packed room at Councilman Myron Lowery's Annual Prayer Breakfast, the mayor said city finances are stable enough to shift funds back into public safety, now that the city's not required to fund schools.

"Two years of not getting a raise and the 4.6% pay cut, that comes to $16.5 a year," said Wharton.

In 2013, Wharton will work directly with the White House on gun control.

"We will be getting our recommendations up to the vice president later this week," he said.

New Year's Eve alone, five and 10-year-olds were shot in separate incidents.

"Their only sin was being an innocent child," said Mayor Wharton.

Wharton says the Beale Street tourist district will be no less safe under new city control.

He referenced the nuisance closure of Club Crave.

"If you're killing people in club in this town - black, white, green, blue, brown, whatever, we're going to shut you down," Wharton said.

On the brighter side, Wharton says jobs are coming, starting with Electrolux.

"Fifty-seven people have already been hired - probably, by now, more," said the mayor. " KTG is now hiring… the Brewery is now hiring…Mitsubishi will soon be hiring."

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