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People turn to food for good luck

(WMC-TV) – Some say it is black eyed peas, others say it's hog jowl. But at least one South Memphis restaurant has been serving up a little good luck all day long.

Daisy Miller has been waiting on and cooking for customers at Orange Mound Grill since 1959.

And from turnip greens to candied yams and black eyed peas, Miller has been putting positive vibes on people's plates all New Year's Day.

Cooking here is the only job Miller has ever had.

So what about certain foods bringing you good luck in the New Year?

"If it wasn't for pork, I wouldn't be here today," said James Watkins, Memphis resident.

Watkins drove all the way from North Memphis to eat and take home New Year's Day soul food.

"Black eyed peas and hog head, that brings good luck," Watkins said.

"Neck bones, chitterlings, hog head and black eyes peas supposed to be a symbol of good luck and I guess you can say it's a good thing because we've been here since 1941," said James Miller Junior, Orange Mound Grill.

James and his mom have been in the kitchen all night preparing for today's big feast.

Miller says he takes pride in serving up soul food that comes straight out of the earth.

"This is from the ground. It can't be bad for you," he said.

Miller says he serves up food like this all year long. But he always expects a little larger crowd January first for those wanting a little luck for the New Year.

After all, he says he must be doing something right.

"I've been living this all my life so it couldn't be that bad so it has to be something about good food," he said.

James Miller says for him, chitterlings is the best good luck food. He even sends them from his South Memphis restaurant to Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and New York every January 1.

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